The Power Association of Northern California is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the power industry in California and all of its component parts. PANC sponsors monthly luncheon meetings and educational seminars to help professionals better understand the challenges confronting the power industry. Monthly luncheon meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month in San Francisco. Guest speakers include legislators, CEO’s, Commissioners and other experts from both the regulated and unregulated side of the industry. dfdf

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Peevey’s Walk Down Memory Lane  A retrospective of the Golden State’s decades-long trail blazing effort to protect the climate by slashing air pollution and curbing sprawl was presented by California’s former head energy regulator mid-week. If California were a nation, it would rank as the 6th largest economy in the world, but yet it produces just 1 percent of global greenhouse gases. “Those numbers tell you a story,” Mike Peevey, former California Public Utilities Commission president, said at a Power Association of Northern California luncheon held  Nov. 1.
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Fallout From the ISO Regionalization Effort Gov. Jerry Brown created considerable “collateral damage” by attempting to ram through legislation at the end of the last lawmaking session to allow California’s grid operator to expand to western states, said Kip Lipper, the Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León’s chief consultant at PANC’s October 2017 Luncheon….
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PANC Annual Awards Luncheon On January 17, at our Annual Awards Luncheon, the Power Association honored outgoing Commissioner MIKE FLORIO for his years of service to the California Public Utilities Commission.
Shifting Grid Sands The impacts of changing technologies and creating a multi-state grid on California’s carbon-lite energy policies, jobs outlook and power rates were debated May 17 at the Power Association of Northern California’s annual seminar in San Francisco.
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Traditional Conservatives Make The Case For Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change: In “The Conservative Case For Carbon Dividends”, a blue chip group of eight notables – including former U.S. Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz – has attempted to do what others have tried: to make the case for arresting climate change and prospering in the bargain. > Read More

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Gavin_1PANC Welcomes California Lt. Governor GAVIN NEWSOM:  For our February monthly Luncheon, PANC was pleased to welcome California Lieutenant Governor GAVIN NEWSOM. A much sought after public speaker,  Newsom’s insight covers a broad spectrum of public policy – from economics to technology, civil rights, entrepreneurship and government reform. Newsom shared his perspective on the future of energy in California and impact of state lands with state energy policy (ie: Diablo Canyon) as well as the interaction of state government with the new Trump administration.
Large Battery Projects Soar in California Despite California’s mandate that private utilities procure a total of 1,325 MW of energy storage by 2020, the state’s market for large-scale storage projects, excluding pumped hydro, was “insignificant until six months ago,” Cody Hill, LS Power energy storage manager, told a Power Association of Northern California gathering on June 14.
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Will a Tax to Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduce Litigation Work, Too?  When Exxon Mobil Corp. endorsed a carbon tax proposal initiated by former Secretaries of State James Baker and George Shultz, some observers foresaw a future with dramatically fewer regulations.  Patrick Ferguson heard about the Shultz-Baker carbon tax proposal from Shultz himself in April. A partner in Davis Wright Tremaine’s San Francisco office, Ferguson is on the board of the directors of the Power Association of Northern California (PANC), to whom Shultz presented the carbon tax plan.
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